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New York Technology:
Get your dream smile with our invisible braces

When thinking of braces, many people have a very distinct picture in mind: large wires, pain, challenges speaking clearly, many years of treatments and embarrassing looks from strangers.

To change this image, a diverse group of doctors at the University of New York (together with Dr. Eltz) developed their own mechanic and technology of orthodontic treatment.

The goal of the method was to adapt orthodontic treatments to the needs of the New York demographic – lawyers, bankers, consultants, and marketing executives as well as NYU students or single mothers: perfect results, short duration, pain-free treatments, stable results, and the individual consideration of the private and professional situation of patients.

We brought this method to Austria and have further developed it in the past years to one essential factor for patients: invisibility.

We call our method the New York Technology.

Dr. Eltz explains

Why does our philosophy originate in New York? How do our patients benefit from it?


The advantages of our New York Technology are astonishing:

  • Nearly invisible
  • No speech, professional or athletic impairments
  • Short treatment duration
  • Better hygiene
  • No pain
  • Rare and shorter check-ups

Nearly invisible braces

For many patients it is crucial that the treatment is as invisible as possible. Through our New York Technology we achieve this through three routes:

  • Almost two thirds of our patients are exclusively treated with Invisalign®
  • Also, severe mispositioning can be corrected through the combination of Invisalign® with partly self-litigating brackets in the side teeth area.
  • In some cases, we can at least reduce the wearing period of nearly invisible Clear Brackets to a few months. This is made possible through the combination of Invisalign® und Osamu Retainers.

No speech impairment

Tradition orthodontics still uses techniques which lead to massive speech impairments. 

With gentle but effective forces such as modern aligners or self-litigating brackets, the New Yorker Technology forgoes these laborious methods.

Due to the use of the most modern splint technologies such as Invisalign or self-ligating brackets with robot-bent wires and the associated use of gentle but highly effective forces, the New York technology does not use these complex anchors.

For this reason, language disorders are not an issue with New York technology.

Short treatment duration

Most patients want the best results through a short wearing period. With other orthodontic methods treatment takes two to three years on average. Via the New York Technology treatment at the Eltz Institute takes just 12,7 months on average.

Short treatment time

How do our patients feel about the duration of the treatment? What were the expectations?

Better hygiene

Excellent oral hygiene is an essential prerequisite for excellent dental regulation. Poor oral hygiene can lead to inflammation of the gums, the formation of plaque and other unpleasant consequences. This means that tooth regulation takes longer and, in extreme cases, even has to be canceled.

For this reason, impeccable oral hygiene for our patients is very important to us. How do we do this:

  • Wherever possible, we use the most modern aligner technology, which makes it easy for patients to clean their teeth.
  • At the beginning of the treatment, we give our patients special care products that we have collected from all over the world.
  • We provide extensive training at the beginning of the treatment.
  • In addition, our self-ligating brackets are significantly smaller than the conventional ones, so the surfaces on which bacteria can attach are also significantly smaller. When brushing your teeth, you can brush more easily between the brackets compared to a conventional orthodontic device and your oral hygiene is less impaired.

No pain

Anyone who had braces years ago or knew people with braces knows that orthodontic braces can lead to pain.

But especially people who are in intense life situations, have to work concentrated or want to move things, don`t want to be in pain when regulating their teeth: either at work, in the household, at school / studying or organizing their own wedding.

The main task of the New York Method is to enable painless orthodontic treatment. This is ensured through the use of the most modern rail technologies or of gentle forces and thinner steel arches for brackets.

The result surprised us ourselves: In the last patient survey, 91% of all patients stated that they usually or always find the orthodontic treatment with us to be pleasant !!!

Fewer visits to the doctor and fewer appointments

Those who are employed professionally and / or privately rarely want to go to the doctor and stay there for as short as necessary.

Our unique New York technology, which uses state-of-the-art aligner therapy or robot-bent wires and special adhesive techniques, enables much shorter appointments and significantly longer intervals.

Two examples explain the advantages:

  • In the past, the first appointment where you get your braces often lasted three to four hours. With the New York technique, they usually last a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • In the past, patients had to be called every 14 days, for example to change rubber. Today, intervals of 8-10 weeks between appointments are the norm. Anyone who likes to go to the doctor seldom and briefly will be enthusiastic about our method.

Time management

Most of our patients are employed. Time is an important factor for them. How were you able to incorporate dental regulation into your diary?

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Get your dream smile with our invisible braces

New York Technology - Our unique method.

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